Important information

When visiting HSC

HSC is not a retailer where you fit dresses to see which style suits your body type. We don't charge any fitting fee and in return we only ask that you respect our dress while fitting.Our dresses are beautiful, varies in styles, available in diffrent colours and each dress is hand picked from international and local designers.
We can also design dresses acording to your need with diffrent styles and fabric. At HSC we sell a variety of dresses thru the year and try to keep track of wich dress goes to which Matric Farewell. That way we ensure that no two styles of dresses sold by us goes to the same matric dance.

We work on appointments only for Matric Farewell dresses. There will be a consultant assisting you throughout your visit at HSC. We offer alteration services on the premises at an additional fee.
This however is at your own risk and you will take full responsibility for the outcome of the dress.
Please keep an open mind when you try on the dresses. Our promise to you is that we will find your dreams dress and make you look and feel like a princess.

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